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Shannon Guinn

My name is Shannon Guinn. I have been a groomer for over 7 years. My experience ranges from working in large salons, small salons to veterinary clinics. I have always had a passion for animals and being able to reflect that passion onto the dogs I groom, is a dream come true. I strive to make every grooming experience as stress free as as possible by using training and patience. Building trust with your pet is my number one goal. I currently have a Yorkie mix named Taz. Taz loves to come to work with mom and make new friends, but he'll always be mom's best friend. 

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Karen Lee

My name is Karen Lee. I have been grooming dogs for around 14 years. The majority of my experience has been in a busy, fast paced salon. I take pride in working with your fur baby to build trust and a great relationship. I will ensure that every fur baby gets the haircut their human wants. I love working with dogs and can't imagine doing anything else.

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Jared Morgan

My name is Jared Morgan. I have always loved dogs, and have been surrounded by many different breeds and sizes throughout my life. When I get together with friends, there are often more dogs than people present. For many years, I worked in the automotive industry painting vehicles, until I inherited my princess shih tzu, Charity. She had not been groomed for months and was just hot and uncomfortable. I made it my mission to learn how to groom her and it changed my life. I have been a professional dog groomer for more than 10 years now. I work very hard to make the grooming experience wonderful for every dog. I will be patient and kind to your young puppy and gentle and caring with your senior dog.


Val Sargeant

My name is Val Sargeant. I have been grooming for a little more than two years and I love it! I worked as a dog trainer for a pet hotel and quickly fell in love with working with pets of all breeds, sizes, and personalities. I love doing fancy haircuts and I adore grooming poodles and doodles. I am also working on doing show cuts and grooming cats. I hope I can be your fur baby's new bff.

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