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About us

A Dog's Life offers quality, friendly, affordable dog grooming. A Dog’s Life is certified and licensed to provide dog grooming services and is conveniently located in West Jordan, Utah. A Dog's Life provides all around dog grooming services for all sizes, ages and temperaments of dogs. A Dog's Life believes in giving dogs the right treatment and strives to make customers and their dogs feel like family. A Dog's Life was founded in 2019 by Jared Morgan and he runs the business with his business partner and wife Lani Morgan. 


Jared Morgan is a certified pet grooming stylist that has been working in a professional dog grooming salon for more than nine (9) years. Jared has experience with puppies, senior dogs, dogs with anxiety, and dogs that struggle to get groomed. 

Shannon Guinn is also a certified pet grooming stylist. Shannon was originally trained by Jared when they previously worked together at another professional dog grooming salon. Since then, Shannon has been perfecting her craft and chose to join A Dog's Life team in April 2020. Shannon's experience and artistry is a great addition to A Dog's Life.

Karen Lee joined A Dog's Life in January 2021. Karen is also a certified pet grooming stylist that has worked in fast paced salons over her 13 year career.  Karen is excited to work in our salon, where she will be able to build close relationships with pet parents.


Val Sargeant has been grooming dogs for over two years. She specializes in fancy poodle and doodle cuts. She is also willing to groom your cat. Val joined A Dog's Life In October 2023. She is a welcome addition to our little family.


All of our groomers work hard to make your dog feel comfortable and to have the best experience possible.

Jada was comforting Frankie for his nail
Snickers was happy getting groomed _ A D
"I had a wonderful experience with Jared here at A Dogs Life. I was a little hesitant at first because my dog Moki (he’s a shih tzu mix) is really untrusting of males because he was abused prior to me adopting him. Jared was gentle, patient and took time to bond with Moki bear before grooming him. Not only did Moki turn out wonderfully, but he was in a great mood when I picked him up! Like he just got done playing with a buddy. It was a huge relief. I’ll continue to go to Jared going forward and even referred my mom and her Yorki to them! Thank you A Dogs Life!! :)"
Callie C., Moki's owner

“Amazing place with a little touch of dazzling. Instead of feeling like I'm taking my dogs to a shop, it was like dropping my dogs off with friends. The setup inside the garage creates a wonderful atmosphere. One of my dog's has a huge attachment anxiety issue. She was right as rain with this shop. Shannon has been the only person I trust to groom my pups and she's always been amazing at it. I highly recommend them." 

J. Smith, Blue and Nova's owner


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